Harfang des mers ready to leave in excursion to the whales Whaleswatching on the St. Lawrence Whaleswatching on the St. Lawrence

Equipment and security

Our boats are of the zodiac model – Sea Harfang and Lstorlet 4 are designed and built specifically for whale watching in the St. Lawrence, for both ocean cruises and the fjord. They can accommodate a dozen passengers of any age and are approved by the Canadian Coast Guard.

We provide equipment, ie Mustang flotation coats for your comfort as well as gloves and hat as needed. The average temperature on the water is 11 degrees. We suggest warm basic clothing, closed shoes and long pants.

The St. Lawrence Skimmers guarantee the satisfaction of their passengers. Security measures are mentioned at each departure and the crew members ensure the well-being of the passengers during boarding, the duration of the excursion as well as the disembarkation. The Skimmers of the St. Lawrence are not responsible for any accident, injury or death resulting from lack of discipline, etiquette and disrespect of safety instructions or other.


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