Our zodiacs are designed especially for the observation of the whales and  very comfortable in all conditions Whaleswatching on the St. Lawrence Whaleswatching on the St. Lawrence


Auberge de la Baie
Les Escoumins
(418) 233-2010 or 1-800-287-2010

Hébergement Chez Claude
Les Escoumins
(418) 233-4125

Camping Paradis Marin
(418) 232-6237

Gîte Baie du Soleil Couchant
418 231-2238

La Maison de la Veille Côte
Les Escoumins
(418) 233-4419

Gite de la Chute
Baie Sainte-Catherine
339, route 138
(418) 237-4020


Whale-watching cruises packages

In addition to offering you the best rates for zodiac whale cruises, the lowest prices for whale-watching cruises aboard zodiacs in the Tadoussac, Bergeronnes and Les Escoumins area, we offer you cheap accommodation suggestions which are listed in the list below. Some of them offer packages. You can find these accommodations with their prices and features in the official guide of tourism Manicouagan as well as Saguenay - Lac-Saint-Jean.

Scene of a whales diving in the St. LawrenceLes Escoumins and its immediate area offer, in addition to best prices for whale observation as well as for accommodation, very competitive prices in the Manicouagan region. The cottages and campsites by the sea just twenty minutes from Tadoussac offer a personalized service outside the crowd with a particular character. In some campsites, we can observe whales from the shore.

If we compare the region east of Tadoussac, Les Escoumins and Bergeronnes, which are places slightly outside major tourist circuits such as those offered in Charlevoix, which often end in Baie-Sainte-Catherine, those offered in Manicouagan , more precisely in Tadoussac, even those offered in the fjord, we discover that for a few extra kilometers of travel, you discover a region more picturesque and more affordable in terms of whale cruises (with the lowest prices guaranteed) and accommodation, camping at very affordable prices.


Specials and news

By regularly checking our home page in the news section, you can be informed of our special rates - beginning and end of the season - as well as news on whale watching cruises, on different regions such as Charlevoix and Manicouagan, festivals and special events, as well as news about the Saguenay Fjord and fjord cruises.

The displacement of cetaceans, their number and a follow-up will be present. Additional information will be available on the site www.baleinesendirect.com





















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