Photo of a whalewatching cruise

Zodiac for the observation of the whales of the St. Lawrence Our zodiacs are designed especially for the observation of the whales and  very comfortable in all conditions Whales observation in zodiac Harfang des mers ready to leave in excursion to the whales A whale shows her back in front of Harfang des mers A whale shows her back in front of Harfang des mers

Photo of whales of the St. Lawrence

The blue whale The fin whale The minke whale The humpback whale The sperm whale The beluga Tail of a humpback whale Humpback whale feefind near the surface Approach o a humpback whale Lobtailing of a humpback whale

Les Escoumins

Blow, dreading holes and back of blue whale close to Escoumins In Les Escoumins we can watch the whales from the shore Humpback whale close to shore in Les Escoumins The bay of Les Escoumins Kayak in Les Escoumins


Bay-Saint-Catherine at the entry of the Fjord of Saguenay View of the river close to St-Irenee Beach of Saint-Siméon Port-au-persil pottery National park of the High-George-of-the-River-Malbaie seen from the top of the Acropolis of the dravor


The bay of Tadoussac Tadoussac hotel Sea kayak near Tadoussac The beach of Tadoussac Trading Post Chauvin


Sailboat in a bay on the St. Lawrence Manic-5 dam The lighthouse of Pointe des monts

Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean

Fjord of Saguenay Beach around St-Jonh lake Town of Saguenay Observation of whale in the Fjord of Saguenay


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