The Whales’ Region

Les escoumins

Les Escoumins

Les escoumins with its well-known whale route, is the premier choice for whale-watching, especially for those who are keen on spotting the Blue Whale’s, the world’s biggest marine mammal, alongside its slightly smaller, but very imposing cousin, the Common Rorqual.
Baleine aux Escoumins

Area of Tadoussac


Tadoussac has a long reputation of offering whale-watching cruises as well as numerous cruises in the Saguenay fjord. Tadoussac is in fact one of the first places where tourists boarded boats to go whale-watching.
Baleine à Tadoussac

Area of Saguenay Lake-Saint-Jean

Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean

offers visitors the fjord route with its numerous picturesque villages along both shores. The parks, rivers, lake, hiking, and bicycle paths are yours to discover. In the cities, concerts and many other attractions will be sure to keep you busy.
Baleine au Saguenay

Area of Charlevoix


is known for its landscapes, its panoramic roads, its numerous artistic villages, its health centers, museums, local delicacies, grand hotels and of course, its casino. Charlevoix is definitely a pleasant place to visit on your way to one of our whale-watching cruises.
Baleine en Charlevoix

Area of Manicouagan


Manicouagan is also an area of vast natural beauty where mighty dams, rivers and lakes are the norm and where nature is predominant. On the popular whale route, cruises aboard a zodiac to go whale-watching are offered at many different departure areas.
Baleine en Manicouagan

Lodging in the area of the whales

Accommodations and partners

One can also do whale observation from land directly atop the boulders in Les Escoumins and at the Centre de découverte du milieu marin at the Saguenay – Saint-Laurent Marine Park.




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