Humpback whale Whaleswatching on the St. Lawrence Whaleswatching on the St. Lawrence

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ZodiacOur boats are equipped with seat with back support for your confort ans security were is not the same on larger high passengers capacity zodiacs. Our boats are design spécialy for whalewatching


Observation of whale in the Fjord of Saguenay Whale-watching excursions are plentiful in Charlevoix and Manicouagan but the Cap-de-Bon-Desir area, along with the head of the Laurentian Canal are areas that are particularly prized by whales. In Les Escoumins, these large marine mammals, such as the Blue Rorqual, the Common Rorqual, and of course, Belugas and smaller rorquals swim right up to the rocky reefs and can be observed from the shore. Visitors can also observe large seal populations. The waters near the shoreline reach depths as impressive as 300 metres which allows whales to swim quite close to the rocky reefs, often within a few dozen metres of them.


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